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Not too long ago a friend asked me to drive one state over and give him advice about this church.  He would even pay me, he said.  I took off a Thursday afternoon, made the two hour trip, and pulled up to his church.  First thing I noticed – no signage to tell me where to go.  Now, I’m a professional church guy so I had a pretty good idea, but I couldn’t help but wonder how first time guests react.  I select a door (turns out it was the right one) and see a nice lady behind a sliding glass window.  She gets up from her desk, walks over, slides the window open and asks how she can help me.  I told her who I was and ask for my friend.  What I didn’t say was “How many times do you have to get up and down to open a window each day?”  In the 90 seconds I waited for my friend, I noticed the center table in the lobby (where all first time guests would pass if they found the right door) was covered the latest issue of Mature Living, a denominational magazine for senior adults.  “Great impression for families with young kids,” I thought.

My friend came around the corner and we dived into the problems he wanted to discuss.  I spent the day learning about his church, their setting, and meeting his staff.  I gave them a bunch of ideas, including a few thoughts about signs, windows, and image.  Most of what I shared was simple stuff that an outsider could see, but an insider may have be blind to.  At the end of the day, my friend thanked me for my time and insights.  His tone told me he thought the day had been a burden to me, a favor I was reluctant to grant.  Nothing was farther from the truth.  I told him, “I love talking about church, about leadership, and about working in God’s Kingdom.  It jazzes me!  It’s fun for me.”

I want to tell you the same thing:  I love talking about church, about leadership, and about working in God’s Kingdom.  That’s what is all about.  It’s written for leaders in all venues, it’s about the world of church, and about working in God’s Kingdom.  Anyone who serves in the Kingdom of God should find something of value here.

I also do a devotional blog,  If you are looking for my devotional thoughts, check there.  If want to know my take on leadership, church life, organizational health, etc.  this is the blog to check.

I look forward to lots of conversations with you!