Every organization can benefit for outside eye. 

Churches, non-profits, and businesses get stuck in old patterns.  Familiar is the enemy of progress.

Times when an outside consultant may be useful to your organization:

  •                 When your organization is plateaued.
  •                 When a new leader sees a needed change but doesn’t yet have the clout to persuade thepowers that be.
  •                 When your organization faces a new challenge that calls for specific skills not present in the organization.               
  •                 When conflict slows progress in the organization.
  •                 When your organization needs to navigate change.

                When the organization senses it has the wrong people on the bus; or they are in the wrong        place on the bus; or the organization is missing people who need to be on the bus.

Clay Smith consults with churches, non-profits, and businesses.  He has:

  •                 Helped churches discover and overcome barriers to growth.
  •                 Helped non-profits discover Return on Investment related to programming.
  •                 Helped businesses clarify personnel needs and hiring processes.
  •                 Helped organizations identify and resolve conflict.
  •                 Helped teams clarify mission, values, vision, and wins.
  •                 Shared motivational talks for employees and stake holders.

Consultation Steps:

Make contact with Clay at to set up a phone conversation.  The phone conversation is free.  In the course off the conversation, you and Clay will explore the presenting issue for your organization and see if he can offer insight.

If you and your organization decide on site visit with Clay is desirable, you and Clay can set a time and negotiate fees.  On site visits often consist of half days, full days, or two day on site visits.  Each on—site visit is followed by a written report summarizing findings and recommended action steps.

Clay also offers churches a two day vision workshop that is helpful for churches seeking to take a next step.  This is usually off-site from the church and involves staff and lay leadership.  Please contact him for availability and fees.